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The FairShares patent pending product makes markets more efficient by increasing the investment returns and buying power of income producing securities. This is accomplished by providing the systems and methods needed to remove the embedded dividend, capital gains and accrued interest from the price of a security. As a result, securities are priced at their fair value, investors can purchase more securities with the same amount of capital, unnecessary taxes are negated, investment returns and yield increase, and volatility is suppressed.

Securities Priced at Fair Value

Market Problems

Inflated Prices & unnecessary tax

Taxable investors are forced to pay inflated prices and an unnecessary tax every time they buy income producing securities.

Accrued Earned Income Inflating Security Values

Income producing securities accrue earned income to the purchase price of the security, which inflates the security’s value. We call this the “distribution premium”. It is a result of accounting for income as an asset, with no off-setting liability.

Tax Paid on Return of Capital

This “premium” that investors pay to purchase income producing securities is returned to the investor when the security pays its distribution/dividend. However, the return of the premium paid is considered a taxable event and the investor is forced to pay tax on the return of their own capital.

Returns Lowered by Tax Amount

Accruing income to the value of a security means the investor’s returns are lowered by the amount of tax paid.

investor buys fewer securities

Accruing income to the value of a security means the investor buys fewer securities because of inflated asset prices.

FairShares Solutions

intellectual property protection

We have filed 4 utility patents on the systems and methods needed to fix this accounting issue effecting all purchases of income producing assets. Our patents give us intellectual property protection in 153 countries.

fair valued securities through improved accounting

Our technology allows for proper GAAP compliant accounting and record keeping of income producing assets. This improved accounting eliminates the distribution premium and allows securities to trade at their fair value.

assets systematically lowered

As a result we achieve higher investment returns, increased buying power coupled with lower taxes and volatility. The market is made more efficient and prices of assets are systematically lowered benefiting all investors.

proprietary record keeping systems

Accrued interest for fixed income transactions and dividend premiums for equities can be removed by using a stock exchange and our proprietary record keeping systems.

no distribution premium

What is a FairShare? – A security that is priced fairly because there is no distribution premium.

Less Fees & Taxes, Higher Returns

Benefits Realized


We can clone any existing investment fund and outperform it.


With FairShares, before and after-tax investment returns increase.


Security yields increase as a result of investors owning more shares.


Securities trade at a discount, allowing for more share accumulation.


Our solution allows for no capital loss realized on the ex-dividend day.


Lower volatility and tracking errors; higher risk adjusted returns.


Qualified sellers will generate a 33% higher yield upon security sale.


End of year capital gains distributions can be distributed equitably.

Outperforms Any Existing Investment Firm

Tangible Results Delivered


Tangible Securities Results Delivered

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